About us

Your ideas are a valuable asset. In our digital era, an era that allows us to copy content easily and expediently, it is important that you protect your intellectual property.

Eyal Brook- Law Firm is a boutique law firm that specializes in the fields of intellectualproperty and enjoys a unique combination of legal excellence, an international background in the creative world, and an extensive business-entrepreneurial experience. This allows our law firm to create for our clients an advantage in a dynamic and competitive world and maximize their commercial potential of creativity and innovation in the different platforms.

Our law firm specializes in the fields of intellectual property (copyrights, trademarks, designs, patents and the laws that are related to these legal fields). Our law firm also specializes in the media & entertainment industry, and it represents artists and entrepreneurs from diversified fields, including: musicians, singers, actors, photographers, animators, designers, record companies, production companies, inventors,entrepreneurs and start- up companies.

Our law firm offers a vast variety of legal services, including the registration and protection of intellectual property rights in Israel and the world (such as copyrights, trademarks, designs and patents), litigation and the enforcement of rights, and strategic consultation regarding the commercialization of your intellectual property. We shall assist you in the protection of your ideas, help you leverage them into a commercial success, and help you create the strategies that shall grant you the competitive advantage and increase the value of your business. We support our clients from the early stage of initiating the business and its establishment, continuing with the business’ ongoing activities and the protection of its intellectual property, and till the raising of an investment.

Our law firm has an international business and creative experience of many years, and it also has an expanded and unique perception: we look at it through the eyes of an artist and entrepreneur as well as through the eyes of the world of business and law. Our law firm is constantly updated in trends of this dynamic and evolving areas of intellectual property. Our approach is characterized by enthusiasm from challenges, creative solutions, and the belief in the importance of intellectual property. We thoroughly understand the creative and entrepreneurial process and we have personal experience in this area. Our unique experience turns us into skillful and professional people who are devoted to solving the unique challenges that are revealed once the world of creativity and entrepreneurship meets the world of business and law.

Beyond all other things, our unique trademark is a true love to creativity, inspiration, creators and entrepreneurs.

We enjoy representing new talents, “Rising Stars” in the fields of creativity and technological entrepreneurship, and we assist these talents in forming their career or their product in a businesslike and efficient manner. Our law firm has a good acquaintance
with the media industry and the entertainment industry in England, which is a global center of businesses and creativity, and sometimes we are able to assist the local talents inconnections with the international entertainment and production companies.

Many of our clients successfully combine innovation and creativity together with new business models and technologies which shape the media and entertainment industry of the future.

If you are an artist, a creator, an inventor, an entrepreneur or a start-up company –We will be delighted to hear from you!.

Adv. Eyal Brook

Combining a creative drive with legal and business skills, Eyal comes from a rich and extensive background in the Media & Entertainment industry.

Eyal Brook – law office specializes in Intellectual Property law and represents artists, inventors and entrepreneurs, mainly in the Media & Entertainment industry, including Helicon Music, a market leader record company, involved in all aspects of the musical content industry, handling the catalogues of UNIVERSAL and EMI in Israel. Eyal structured, negotiated and drafted various industry agreements across multiple platforms, and has initiated various business development initiatives.

Prior to that Eyal was working for several years at a leading Israeli law firm, and was involved in high-profile cases.

Previous roles included leading the Media & Entertainment division at a privately-held investment company where he managed various projects inc. film, animation, music, newmedia and interactive entertainment, and was instrumental in the production of an award-winning film.

A co-founder at “Scentcom”, a start-up company developing cutting-edge digital scent technologies for multimedia and other applications. Scentcom was elected by Microsoft as one of Israel’s 20 most promising start-ups (2010).

Eyal brings in-depth knowledge in the music industry and an international musical career.He released two CD’s in Israel and played hundreds of gigs including such prestigious gigs in the United Kingdom as supporting the Cranberries at the National Exhibition Centre (N.E.C), Ronnie Scott’s Songwriters Festival (alongside Coldplay), Birmingham Symphony Hall and many London venues. Eyal was an organ scholar at Warwick University.

Eyal was a guest lecturer at Tel-Aviv University in courses relating to creativity and innovation. Founder and chairman of the intellectual property committee at the Israeli Bar Association (TLV).

A graduate of Cambridge, Tel-Aviv (Cum Laude) and Warwick, where he was the organ scholar.

Areas of practice:

  • Coprights
  • Trademarks
  • Design
  • Commercial Law
  • Start-Up Companies