Adv. Eyal Brook – Copyrights Lawyer

Lawyers for copyrights and intellectual property

Eyal Brook Law Office, specializes in
Intellectual property
(Copyrights, Trademarks, Design Patents and Patents)
and in the Media & Entertainment Industry. The office provides legal advice to artists, innovators and entrepreneurs, as well as service to other related entities such as investors, record companies and production companies.

The office provides wide and diversed legal services, including registration and protection of intellectual property rights in Israel and abroad, Litigation and rights enforcements, drafting commercial agreements and providing advice regarding the commercialization of IP rights.

The office provides a unique and comprehensive solution. Alongside the legal services, the office’s clients benefit from advice and guidance based on business and creative experience, and from a widespread professional network within the media & entertainment industry, in Israel and in the UK.

A further source of distinction is Adv. Eyal Brook’s background within the art and technology industries, as an in-house lawyer at Israel’s leading record company and as a founder of a pioneering start-up.

As a boutique law firm, the office provides innovative and professional advice in a personal manner.