The Music Industry

Due to revolution of the internet and the file-sharing programs, the music industry has changed dramatically. The music industry has acted swiftly both in the legal field and in the technological field to limit this phenomenon. In addition, there are today in the music industry new digital sources of income that generate a world-wide turnover of billions of dollars. The music industry has undergone development of new models that are authorized to digitally disburse music in exchange for monthly payments, and start-up
companies that develop new technologies in this area. These changes require a profound knowledge of the many developments in this industry.

In recent years, Adv. Brook has been working as the legal advisor of Israel’s leading record company- Helicon, which represents in Israel the major corporations Universal and EMI. In the course of this legal advisory, Adv. Brook has represented leading artists in Israel in commercial negotiations, drafting and structuring contracts in ground breaking projects in the industry.

Adv. Brook is also a musician, and he has a long and vast experience in the music and entertainment industry in Israel and in England. Adv. Brook was the keyboard player of the Israeli band “Temporary Sanity“, with whom he released two albums, and preformed in hundreds of gigs, both on television and in live performances, ranging from mythical Israeli clubs such as Roxanne and the Logus and up to biggest amphitheaters in Israel. For a number of years, Adv. Brook was also extensively active in the music scene in England, where his band, Coppernine, won the first place at a Mercury Records competition, and supported the Cranberries at the National Exhibition Center (N.E.C), and performed with artists and bands such as Coldplay and David Grey at the famous jazz club Ronnie Scott’s.

Adv. Brook also lectures at the BPM College of Music, Sound and Production on copyrights and the new models in the music industry.

We shall be delighted to assist you with various agreements related to the music industry such as: recording agreements, management agreements, “360” agreements, publishing agreements, distribution agreements, band agreements, synchronization agreements, licensing agreements.

The Film and Television Industry

In the recent years, since the legislation of the Cinema Act, the Israeli Film Industry took a most impressive leap. We have witnessed a blossom in this industry, and we have also witnessed the success of Israeli movies domestically and abroad. Movies such as “TurnLeft at the End of the World”, “Walk on Water”, “Broken Wings”, “Waltz with Bashir”, “The Orchestra’s Visit”, ‘Lost Islands”, “Late Marriage” and “Agami”, are some of the beloved films that were made in the recent years, which have won awardsin international competitions, returned thousands of eager viewers to the cinemas, and generated revenues of millions of dollars domestically and abroad. In recent years, the Israeli films have participated in 170 international festivals and won 70 prizes. These films have created new cinematic genres and cultivated a new generation of directors.

The Television industry has also changed unrecognizably in recent years, and Israeli series and formats are successfully being sold around the world. In Israel and abroad
there are investment and distribution companies that specialize in the distribution of formats around the world, and recently it was announced that the Israeli Ministry of Industry, Trade and Labor has announced a new program for the audio-visual and new media industry in Israel. This support program shall grant financial support to the businesses in the fields of the new media, cinema and television productions.

In the following years, in addition to the expansion of the digital migration, this industry is expected to evolve into new directions. This evolvement requires knowing the complexlegal aspects that are part of these industries.

Our law firm represents actors and talents, creators, producers, distributors, and broadcasters. Our law firm also advises on related agreements such as: developmentagreements, purchasing rights, co-production agreements, investment agreements, production agreements, distribution agreements, protecting formats and their commercialization, the rights of celebrities, talent agreements and representation of talents.

The New-Media Industry

According to the predictions of various research companies, in the following years, together with the expansion of the digital migration, the digital technologies companies shall become a more common phenomenon across all of the sectors of the entertainment and media industry.

These changes involve different legal challenges, and require knowledge of the technological and digital world.

Our law firm represents entrepreneurs, investors and start-up companies in the areas of new-media, including in the fields of: the internet, cellular phones, gaming, development of applications etc. Our law firm renders legal services in all of these matters, including:

  • Agreements concerning the digital distribution of content on different digital platforms
  • Technological commercialization and licensing agreements
  • Registration and protection of intellectual property
  • Drafting terms of use for websites etc.

The Design Industry

The design of a product is a key factor in its success, and it has a large contribution to raising its value in the market. A good design shall grant the product a big advantage over its competitors, and it is an efficient marketing instrument.

Our law firm offers legal support to designers from different fields, including graphic design, industrial design, designs for interactive media, design of jewellery, architecture and interior design.

We shall be delighted to legally support you in thevarious aspects concerning the design industry, including: the protection of the designed products, different agreements, lawsuits due to the infringement of rights etc.

The Art Industry

We represent photographers and artists from all the fields of plastic art including all of its different branches.

We shall be delighted to advise you regarding the protection of your intellectual property and your copyrights.

Artists – protecting the copyrights and artist agreements with museums, galleries, agents, collectors and treasurers.

Photographers – licensing agreements for the use of pictures, protecting the copyrights, representing in legal procedures due to the infringement of copyrights and moral rights.